"Temple of the senses and delights, sail to what your heart tells you dictates to you".

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An attachment to the French gastronomy, an opening to world influences et une cuisine élaborée à base de first-class fresh products, sont les ingrédients indispensables du restaurant Les Loges.
A varied, simple and refined menu thanks to a clever mix of flavours and sense.

À découvrir lors d’un dinner.
Thanks to the late service until 11.30 p.m., we dine until late at night.

Sublimated vegetables, whole fish, exceptional pieces of meat, cut up at the table... Daring dishes to choose from à la carte, some of which can even be shared, making each meal a moment of conviviality, sharing and travel.

No reason to get bored, the menu is renewed every seasonIt is then that a new story is written and with it a pleasure to discover it dish after dish.

De nouvelles suggestions chaque semaine, en plus de notre carte, en fonction de l’inspiration du chef et de la saisonnalité des produits.

Feeling peckish, or just want a snack over a drink? Discover our tapas menu, and boards to share

Si pour les débuts de soirée, l’ambiance est lounge, calme et intimiste. It then evolves to the rhythm of the live music to become resolutely festive. The sound goes up, and then it's time for the party to heckle over the burning ashes of a world that is going to bed and another that is waking up. Dj set, artists, music groups to share an authentic and festive moment!

To the passion, to the drift, to the night and this until the early morning, temple of the senses, dance floor.

Crazy love.


A place to the cosy atmospherewhere the velvet shimmers and the careful decoration in the style Art Deco The more than assertive style transports you into a world of voluptuousness, carefreeness and creativity. Subdued light, gilding and arabesques, lightness and elegance. An invitation to a journey between modernity and the 1920s where each visit is an opportunity to taste the freedom and the glamour of that time.

A chic bistro where conviviality, good humour and the pleasure of sharing a meal with live music reign.

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